Min's note for the Batch Mode Observations at FCRAO

M. Yun (11/25/03)

First one has to create a batch file using a text editor in fcrao. Here is an example.

Getting Started

Connect to the FCRAO computer by typing:
> ssh -l observer fcrao.astro.umass.edu
Contact Mark Heyer (heyer@astro.umass.edu) or one of the postdocs for the password. Once logged in, start a terminal emulator by typing
Start two x-term terminals on fcrao. On the first terminal type,

fcrao> cardin n6306.bat
fcrao> mterm

You are now connected to the MODCOMP running the telescope. After providing some contact information, look for ?NET prompt. (You will also need another password in order to take command of the control program.) To get out, you need Cntl-B x.

If an error occurs, try STOP CARD, fix the problem and START CARD A04 again.

On a second xterm, type
fcrao> mterma

This starts a kermit server that allows communications to MODCOMP. All input into MTERMA should be in CAPs. First question is whether MTERM is in the keyboard mode. Answer Y. The answers to the next three questions should be 1, 3, 2.

When this is finished, you can check that the batch file is transfered into MTERM by typing,

If all good, then exit (Cntl-B c to get out of MTERMA).

To execute the CARD, type

If you want to interrupt the batch commands, type
STOP PS (if you are doing a position switch PS)

To restart the CARD, type
?NET CARD 12 (if to start on line 12)

Stopping the Observing Session

DROP (puts the telescope in the stow position)
HALT (Halts the telescope)

For more information look at : http://donald.phast.umass.edu/~fcrao/library/manuals/