Astronomy Alumni & PhD Theses


Grasha, Kathryn (Postdoctoral Fellow, ANU Australia)

  • "The Clustering of Young Stellar Clusters in Nearby Galaxies", Chair: D. Calzetti

Gim, Hansung (Postdoctoral Fellow, Arizona State University)

  • "Probing Galaxy Evolution through Deep Radio Continuum Observations", Chair: M.S. Yun


Battisti, Andrew (Postdoctoral Fellow, ANU Australia)

  • "Ultraviolet to Infrared Star Formation Rate Tracers: Characterizing Dust Attenuation and Emission", Chair: D. Calzetti
  • Postdoc, ANU, Australia

Burchett, Joseph (Tenure Track Faculty, New Mexico State University)


Kirkpatrick, Allison (Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale University)

  • "The Effect of a Growing Black Hole on the Infrared Emission of Dusty Galaxies in the Distant Universe", Chair: A. Pope
  • YCAA Fellow, Faculty at University of Kansas

Cybulski, J. Ryan (postdoctoral Fellow, Tufts University)

  • "The cosmic web and the role of environment in galaxy evolution", Chair: M. Yun
  • Postdoc (Tufts), Private Sector (CVS)

Lee, BoMee (Postdoctoral Fellow, IPAC/Caltech)

  • "Intrinsic characteristics of galaxies in the distant Universe: The correlation between galaxy morphology and star formation activity" Chair: M. Giavalisco
  • Postdoc, IPAC/Caltech

Roberts, Shawn (US Census Bureau)

  • "Astrophysical Accretion and Feedback: The Bayesian Linchpin of Theory and Observation", Chair: Q.D. Wang
  • Private Sector, (US Census Bureau)


Lu, Zhankui (Amazon)

  • "n empirical approach to understanding star formation in dark matter halos", Chair: H. Mo
  • Private Sector (Amazon)


Williams, Christina (postdoctoral fellow, University of Arizona)

  • NSF Fellow, University of Arizona

Alberts, Stacey (postdoctoral fellow, University of Arizona)

  • "Dusty Star Formation in Extreme Environments: Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters in the Distant Universe", Chair: A. Pope
  • Postdoc, University of Arizona


Johnson, Seth (California State Government)

  • "Characterizing Distant Galaxies: Spectral Energy Distribution Analysis of X-ray Selected Star Forming Galaxies", Chair: Grant Wilson
  • Private Sector


Guo, Yicheng (postdoctoral fellow, UC Santa Cruz)

  • "The Assembly of Galaxies over Cosmic Time", Chair: Mauro Giavalisco
  • Faculty, University of Missouri

Yoon, Ilsang (Staff Scientist, ESO/ALMA)

  • "Baesian Anatomy of Galaxy Structure", Chair: Martin Weinberg
  • Staff Scientist NAASC/ALMA (VA)


Liu, Guilin (postdoctoral fellow, Johns Hopkins Univ.)

  • "Exploring the Scaling Laws of Star Formation", Chair: Daniela Calzetti
  • Faculty, USTC, Hefei, China

Dong, Hui (postdoctoral fellow, NOAO)

  • "Infrared and X-ray studies of the Galactic Center", Chair: Daniel Wang
  • Postdoc, IAA-CSIC, Granada, Spain

Hong, Sungryong (postdoctoral fellow, Univ. of Texas, Austin)

  • "Constraining Stellar Feedback: Ionized Gas Structures in Local Starburst Galaxies", Chair: Daniela Calzetti
  • Researcher, KIAA, Seoul, Korea

Chen, Yuxi (senior analyst, Sapient (m)PHASIZE)

  • "Color-magnitude relation and morphology of ULIRGs from z~0 to z~1", Chair: James Lowenthal
  • Private Sector (IBM)

Song, Limin (fellow, Mayo Clinic)

  • "High-Resolution Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Gas in Galaxy Halos and Large-Scale Structures", Chair: Todd Tripp
  • Private Sector


Borthakur, Sanchayeeta (postdoctoral fellow, Johns Hopkins Univ.)

  • "Multiwavelength Study of the Distribution of Neutral Gas in and Around Galaxies and Groups of Galaxies", Chair: Todd M. Tripp

Lu, Yu (postdoctoral fellow, KIPAC/Stanford)

  • "A Bayesian Approach to the Semi-Analytic Model of Galaxy Formation", Chair: Houjun Mo

Li, Yun (analyst, Standard and Poor's)

  • "Dark matter halos: assembly, clustering and sub-halo accretion", Chair: Houjun Mo


Scott, Kimberly (data scientist, University of Virginia Health System)

  • "Millimeter-galaxy Surveys with the AzTEC Camera", Chair: Grant Wilson

Tang, Shikui (research fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital)

  • "Galactic Bulge Feedback and Its Impact on Galaxy Evolution", Chair: Daniel Wang

Austermann, Jason (NIST)

  • "The AzTEC Millimeter-Wave Camera: Design, Integration, Performance, and the Characterization of the (Sub-)Millimeter Galaxy Population", Chair: Grant Wilson

Logan, Daniel (faculty, QUEST University Canada)

  • "A Frequency Selective Bolometer Camera for Measuring Millimeter Spectral Energy Distributions", Chair: Grant W. Wilson; Members: F. Peter Schloerb, Min S. Yun and Daniel H. Schaubert

Li, Zhiyuan (Professor, Nanjing University, China)

  • "The Role of Stellar Feedback in Galaxy Evolution", Chair: Daniel Wang; Members: Stephen Schneider, Neal Katz, Laura Cadonati


Goeller, Rob (engineer, General Electric)

  • "A Wideband Analog Correlating Spectrometer for Millimeter Astronomy", Chair: Neal Erickson; Members: F. Peter Schloerb, Min Yun, Calvin Swift

Fischer, William (postdoctoral fellow, NASA/GSFC)

  • "The One-Micron region as a Diagnostic of Accretion and Outflow in T Tauri Stars”, Chair: Suzan Edwards and John Kwan; Members: James Kurose, Ronald Snell, Todd Tripp


Choi, Junhwan (postdoctoral fellow, Univ. of Texas)

  • "The Dynamics of Satellite and Dark Matter Halo Interactions on Glaxy Formation and Evolution", Chair: Martin D. Weinberg and Neal S. Katz; Members: Houjun Mo, Jennie H. Traschen

Stojimirovic, Irena (faculty, MiraCosta College)

  • "Multiwavelength Study of Parsec Scale Outflows Associated with Low Mass Young Stellar Objects", Chair: Gopal Narayanan; Members: Ronald L. Snell, Suzan Edwards, Mark C. Hemeon-Heyer, Guy T. Blaylock

Keres, Dusan (Professor, UC San Diego)

  • "Growth of Galaxies in SPH Simulations", Chair: Neal S. Katz; Members: Houjun Mo, Martin D. Weinberg, Guy T. Blaylock

Ji, Li (faculty, Purple Mountain Observatory, China)

  • "A Spectral Code for Non-Equilibrium Plasma and its Applications", Chair: Q. Daniel Wang; Members: John Y. Kwan, Todd M. Tripp, Ross S. Hicks


Ngeow, Chow Choong (Professor, National Central University, Taiwan)

  • "Investigating the Breaking in the Cepheid Period-Luminosity Relation and Its Interpretations", Chair: Shashi Kanbur; Members: John Y. Kwan, Stephen E. Schneider, Robert A. Guyer


Iono, Daisuke (ALMA Project Scientist, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)

  • "The Response of Atomic and Molecular Gas to a Disk-Disk Collision", Chair: Min S. Yun; Members: Paul Ho, Neal S. Katz, James Lowenthal


Bouche, Nicolas F. (Astronomer, Inst. of Astrophysics & Planetology, France)

  • "The Clustering of Galaxies around Damped Absorbers", Chair: James D. Lowenthal; Members: Neal S. Katz, Stephen E. Schneider, Guy T. Blaylock

Devries, Christopher (senior developer, Hindsait, Inc.)

  • "Models and Observations of the Millimeter and Submillimeter Molecular Line Emission of Bright-Rimmed Clouds", Chair: Gopal Narayanan; Members: Ronald L. Snell, Mark H. Heyer, William J. Mullin


Nikolaev, Sergei

  • "2MASS View of the LMC: Structure, Populations, Kinematics", Chair: Martin D. Weinberg; Members: Stephen E. Schneider, Michael F. Skrutskie, John P. Buonaccorsi


Adams, Joseph D. (research associate, Cornell University)

  • "Low Mass Stars and the Structure of the Pleiades Cluster", Chair: Michael F. Skrutskie; Members: John Y. Kwan, John R. Stauffer, Martin D. Weinberg, Mark T. Touminen

Muzerolle, James C. (astronomer, Space Telescope Science Institute)

  • "Emission Line Diagnostics of Magnetospheric Accretion in Young Stellar Objects", Chair: Suzan Edwards; Members: Nuria Calvet, Michael F. Skrutskie, Lee W. Hartmann, Edward S. Chang

Rosenberg, Jessica L. (Professor, George Mason University)

  • "Filling the Gap in the Extragalactic Census: A Study at 21 cm and in the Near Infrared", Chair: Stephen E. Schneider; Members: James D. Lowenthal, Michael F. Skrutskie, Stephen E. Strom, Robert A. Guyer

Beristain(-Kendall), Georgina (Adjunct faculty, Alfred University)

  • "Permitted Helium and Iron Emission Lines in Classical T Tauri Stars", Chairs: John Kwan and Suzan Edwards; Members: Eugene Tademaru, Bruce E. Turkington


Millan-gabet, Rafael (scientist, NASA Exoplanet Science Institute; PHYSICS PhD)

  • "Investigation of Herbig Ae/Be Stars in the Near-Infrared with a Long Baseline Interferometer", Chair: Schloerb, F. Peter; Members: Traub, Wesley A., Skrutskie, Michael F., Sakai, Hajime

Brunt, Christopher M. (Lecturer, Univ. of Exeter, UK)

  • "Turbulence in the Interstellar Medium", Chairman: Heyer, M.; Members: Kwan, J., Snell, R.L., Wong, P.

Dickens, James (faculty, Montgomery Bell Academy)

  • "Probing Chemical Evolution in Molecular Clouds with Millimeter-Wave Observations", Chairman: Irvine, William M.; Members: Snell, Ronald, L., Schloerb, F. Peter, Chang, Edward S.

Lovell, Amy (Professor, Agnes Scott College)

  • "Millimeter-Wave Molecular Mapping of Comets Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp", Chairman: Schloerb, F. Peter; Members: Irvine, William M., Skrutskie, M., Dent, William, McGill, George E.


Hiriart, David (senior staff, UNAM, Mexico)

  • "Circumstellar Gas and Dust Emission and Mass Loss from Evolved Stars", Chairman: Kwan, John; Members: Irvine, W.M., Van Blerkom, D., Chang, E.


Allen, Lori E. (scientist, Director of Kitt Peak National Observatory)

  • "Star formation in Lynds 1641", Chairman: Strom, Karen M. ; Members: Kwan, J., Snell, R.L., Strom, S.E., Rabin, M.

Meyer, Michael R. (Professor, ETH, Switzerland)

  • "Stellar Populations in Deeply Embedded Young Clusters: Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Emergent Mass Distributions", Chairman: Strom, Stephen E.; Members: Edwards, S., Skrutskie, M.F., Hartman, L., Chang, E.

Murali, Chigurupati (analyst, A.R.T. Advisors)

  • "The Evolution of Globular Clusters: Analysis of External Effects and Determination of Progenitor Populations", Chairman: Weinberg, Martin D.; Members: Kwan, J., Strom, S.E., Traschen, J.

Spitzak, John G. (Computational astrophysics consultant, US Naval Observatory)

  • "Viewing the 21 CM Sky: A Slice of the Neutral Hydrogen Universe", Chairman: Schneider, Stephen E.; Members: Snell, R.L., Strom, S.E., Traschen, J.H.


Hillenbrand, Lynne A. (Professor, Caltech)

  • "Herbig Ae/Be Stars : An Investigation of Molecular Environments and Associated Stellar Populations", Chairman: Strom, Stephen; Members: Edwards, S., Skrutskie, M.F., Snell, R.L., Byron, F.W., Jr.

Bergin, Edward A. (Professor, Univ. of Michigan)

  • "The Chemical and Physical Structure of Giant Molecular Cloud Cores", Co-Chairman: Snell, Ronald L.; Co-Chm.: Goldsmith, Paul, F.; Members: Langer, William D., Rabin, M.

McGonagle, Douglas (Pastor, Easthampton, MA)

  • "Nitrogen Chemistry in the Interstellar Medium", Chairman: Irvine, William M.; Members: Predmore, R.C., Schloerb, F.P., Heyer, M.H.

Dutkevitich, Diane (Professor, Yavapai College)

  • "The Evolution of Dust in the Terrestrial Planet Region of Circumstellar Disks Around Young Stars", Chairman: Skrutskie, Michael, F.; Members: Strom, S.E., Edwards, S., Walker, J.F.

Buckley, David (Professor of Physics, East Stroudsbury University)

  • "The Masses and Distances of Planetary Nebulae", Chairman: Schneider, Stephen E.; Members: Snell, R.L., Van Blerkom, D.J., Sternheim, M.M.


Carpenter, John M. (Scientist, ALMA Observatory)

  • "Anatomy of the GEM OB1 Molecular Cloud Complex", Chairman: Snell, Ronald L.; Members: Schloerb, F.P., Skrutskie, M.F., Strom, S.E., Sternheim, M.M.


Knezek, Patricia M. (Deputy Director of Astronomical Science Division, NSF)

  • "The Stellar and Gaseous Content of Massive Low Surface Brightness Disk Galaxies", Chairman: Schneider, Stephen E.; Strom, S.E., Young, J.S., Golowich, E.

Ge, Weiguo

  • "Cometary Molecules", Chairman: Schloerb, F. Peter; Members: Irvine, W.M., Snell, R.L., Van Blerkom, D.J., Chang, E.S.

Xie, Shuding

  • "CO Observations in External Galaxies and Gas Mass Determination", Chairwoman: Young, Judith S.; Members: Kwan, J., Schloerb, F.P., Krotkov, R.


Lee, Youngung (scientist, Korea Astronomy Observatory)

  • "Structure and Star Forming Activities of the Cold, Massive, Molecular Cloud G216-2.5", Chairman: Snell, Ronald L.; Members: Dickman, R.L., Schloerb, F.P., Skrutskie, M.F., Krotkov, R.V.

Xie, Taoling (CEO, HierStar Ltd., China)

  • "Shells, Outflows, and Star Formation in the Giant Molecular Cloud Monoceros R2", Chairman: Goldsmith, Paul F.; Members: Snell, R.L., Dickman, R.L., Chang, E.S.

Jarrett, Thomas H. (astronomer, Univ. of Cape Town)

  • "An Optical Study of the Faint End of the Stellar Luminosity Function", Chairman: Dickman, Robert L.; Member: Herbst, William, Skrutskie, Michael., Chang, Edward


Welty, Alan (scientist, Space Telescope Science Institute)

  • "A Spectroscopic Study of Three FU Orionis Objects: Accretion Disks and Wind Signatures", Stephen E. Strom, Chm.; Members: Edwards, Suzan, Snell, Ronald L., Van Blerkom, David, Krotkov, Robert V.


Madden, Suzanne C. (scientist, CEA Saclay, France)

  • "A Multi-Transition Study of the Cyclic Molecule Cyclopropenylidene (C3H2) in the Galaxy", Chairman: William M. Irvine; Members: Kwan, J., Schloerb, F.P., Snell, R.L., Avery, L.W., Guyer, R.A.

Minh, Young Chol (scientist, Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute, President of Korean Astronomical Society)

  • "Radio Observations of Several Interstellar Molecules", Chairman; William M. Irvine; Members: Dickman, R.L., Goldsmith, P.F., Krotkov, R.V.

Morgan, James A. (software engineer, Novii Design)

  • "Molecular Outflows in the L1641 Region of Orion", Chairman: F. Peter Schloerb; Members: Snell, R.L, Kwan, J., Strom, S.E., Harold, M.P.

Olson, Kevin (Research Professor, Drexel University)

  • "Gas Dynamics in Interacting and Merging Galaxies", Chairman: John Y. Kwan; Members: Kleinmann, S.G., Young, J.S., Dickman, R.L., Chang, E.S.

Salas-Casales, Luis (Scientist, Institute of Astronomy, UNAM, Mexico)

  • "High Spatial Resolution Observations Of Circumstellar Disks", Chairman: Stephen E. Strom; Members: Edwards, S., Schloerb, F.P., Arny, T.T., Chang, E.S.

Tauber, Jan A. (scientist, ESA/ESTeC, Netherlands, Project Scientist for PLANCK)

  • "CO Line Emission from Clumpy Molecular Clouds: The Case of Orion", Chairman: Paul F. Goldsmith; Members: Snell, R.L., Kwan, J., Erickson, N.R., Krotkov, R.V.

Waller, William H. (faculty, Rockport High School, MA)

  • "Recent Starbirth and Starburst Activity in Nearby Galaxies", Chairman: Stephen E. Strom; Members: Young, J.S., Kwan, J., Kleinmann, S.G., Scoville, N., Mallary, R.W.


Alonso, Jose L. (staff, Arecibo Observatory)

  • "Formation of Hydrogen Line and Continuum Emission in Young Stellar Objects", Chairman: John Y. Kwan; Members: Kleinmann, S.G., Van Blerkom, D.J., Arny, T.T., Krotkov, R.V.

Kinzel, Wayne M. (astronomer, Space Telescope Science Institute)

  • "Radio Outbursts in Extragalactic Sources", Chairman: William A. Dent; Members: W.A., Tademaru, E., Dickman, R.L., Balonek, T.J., Walker, J.F.

Taylor, David K. (astronomer, Space Telescope Science Institute)

  • "Carbon Monoxide Isotopes and Clumping in Giant Molecular Clouds", Chairman: Robert L. Dickman; Members: Dickman, R.L., Snell, R.L., Van Blerkom, D.J., Krotkov, R.V.

Lis, Dariusz C. (scientist, Caltech)

  • "The Sagittarius B2 Molecular Cloud an Extreme Case of a Galactic Center Giant Molecular Cloud", Chairman: Paul F. Goldsmith

Tacconi-Garman, Lowell E. (astronomer, European Southern Observatory, Germany)

  • "Kinematic Models of Cometary Comae", Chairman: F. Peter Schloerb

Smith, Beverly J. (faculty, East Tennessee State University)

  • "Optical Imaging of IRAS Galaxies: The Evolution of Infrared-Bright Galaxies", Kleinmann, Susan, Chw.


Tacconi-Garman, Linda J. (scientist, Max Planck Institute, Germany)

  • "The Distribution of the Interstellar Medium in the SCD Galaxy NGC 6946 and in a Sample of Dwarf Irregular Galaxies", Judith S. Young, Chw.

Moriarty-Schieven, Gerald H. (astronomer, National Research Council of Canada)

  • "High Resolution Observations of the L1551, B335 and L723 Bipolar Molecular Outflows Using Maximum Entropy Image Reconstruction", Ronald L. Snell, Chm.


Lord, Steven D. (astronomer, IPAC/Caltech)

  • "The Role of Molecular Clouds in the Star Formation Process as Observed in Two Grand Design Spiral Galaxies", Stephen E. Strom, Chm.

Swade, Daryl A. (astronomer, Space Telescope Science Institute)

  • "The Physics and Chemistry of Dark Molecular Clouds: A Detailed Study of L134N", F. Peter Schloerb, Chm.

Kenney, Jeffrey D. (Professor, Yale University)

  • "Molecular Gas in Virgo Cluster Spiral Galaxies", Judith S. Young, Chw.

McIntosh, Gordon C. (Professor, University of Minnosota Morris; Physics PhD)

  • "Polarization Properties of SiO Masers", Read Predmore, Chm.


Hemeon-Heyer, Mark H. (Research Professor, Univ. of Massachusetts)

  • "The Interaction Between Molecular Clouds and Young Stellar Objects", Snell, Ronald L., Chm.

Argon, Alice L. (staff, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory)

  • "The Acceleration and Dissolution of Stars Moving Through the Blackbody Radiation of A Collapsing Unvierse", Edward R. Harrison, Chm.


Clemens, Dan P. (Professor, Boston University; Physics PhD)

  • "The Massachusetts Stony-Brook Galactic Plane CO Survey: Observations, Galactic Structure, and Cloud Identification", Nicholas Z. Scoville, Chm.

Kleiner, Steven C. (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)

  • "Correlation Analysis of the Molecular Cloud Complex", Robert L. Dickman, Chm.


Arquilla, Richard (Northrop Grumman)

  • "The Structure and Angular Momentum Content of Dark Clouds", Paul F. Goldsmith, Chm.

O'Dea, Christopher P. (Professor, University of Manitoba)

  • "Morphology and Energetics at Narrow Angle Tail Radio Sources", William A. Dent, Chm.

Clifford, Stephen M.

  • "A Model for the Climatic Behavior of Water on Mars", Robert L. Huguenin, Chm.

Hartke, Gregory J. (engineer, Northrop Grumman)

  • "Transport Properties of the Outer Crust of Magnetic Neutron Stars", George Greenstein, Chm.

Barvainis, Richard E. (program manager, National Science Foundation)

  • "Linear Polarization and Total Flux Density of Silicon Monoxide Masers and Active Extragalactic Objects at Millimeter Wavelengths", William A. Dent, Chm.

Carroll, Timothy J. (deceased)

  • "The Kinematics of the Emission Line Gas in Quasars and Active Galactic Nuclei", John Y. Kwan, Chm.


Good, John (astronomer, IPAC/Caltech)

  • "MM Wavelength Measurements of CO in the Atmosphere of Mars and SO 2 in the Atmopshere of Venus", F. Peter Schloerb, Chm.

Damashek, Marc (scientist, NSA)

  • "A Search for Radio Pulsars in the Northern Sky: Discovery of a Pulsar in a Unique Binary System", Joseph H. Taylor, Chm.

Robinson, Steven E. (staff scientist, MIT Lincoln Laboratory)

  • "The Excitation of SiO in Circumstellar Envelopes", David Van Blerkom, Chm.


Balonek, Thomas J. (Professor, Colgate University)

  • "Multi-Frequency Radio Observations of Compact Extragalactic Sources: Time Variability and Correlation with Optical Variations", William A. Dent, Chm.

Lane, Adair P. (retired, astronomer, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory)

  • "Observations of SIO Masers in the Circumstellar Envelopes of Late Type Stars", Joseph H. Taylor, Chm.

Thompson, William T. (scientist, NASA/GSFC)

  • "The "Swarm" Model for the Azimuthal Brightness Variations in Saturn's Ring A", David J. Van Blerkom, Chm.


Backus, Peter R. (astronomer, SETI Institute)

  • "A Study of Pulsar Evolution Through Timing and Single Pulse Observation", Joseph H. Taylor, Chm.

Bally, John (Professor, Univ. of Colorado)

  • "The Interaction of HII Regions with Molecular Clouds", Nicholas Z. Scoville, Chm.


Hansen II, Stanley S.

  • "Very Long Baseline Interferometry Observation of the Masers Towards Orion A", G. Richard Huguenin, Chm.

Sloan, John S.

  • "Surface Photometry of the Coma Cluster of Galaxies", Tom Dennis, Chm.


Lockman, Felix J. (scientist, NRAO)

  • "On the Structure of HII Regions and Their Distribution in the Galaxy", G. Richard Huguenin, Chm.

Fowler, Lee A. (deceased)

  • "A Study of the Pulsar in A Binary System", Joseph H. Taylor, Chm.

Harding, Alice K. (scientist, NASA Goddard)

  • "Propagation in Pulsar Magnetospheres: Effects of A Shearing Plasma", Eugene Tademaru, Chm.


Esposito, Larry W. (Professor, Univ. of Colorado)

  • "Light Scattering from Saturn's Rings Calculated by a Markov Chain Formalism", William M. Irvine, Chm.

Cardiasmenos, Apostle G. (deceased, President, ESSCO/L-3 Communications)

  • "Prototype Maser Amplifiers for Three Millimeter Wavelength", K. Sigfrid Yngvesson, Chm.


Helfand, David (Professor, Columbia University)

  • "The Secular Behavior of Pulsar Integrated Properties", Joseph H. Taylor, Chm.

Harding, David S. (Physics PhD)

  • "Neutron Star Crust-Neutron Superfluid Frictional Forces", George Greenstein, Chm.

Oegerle, William R. (Director, NASA Astrophysics Science Division)

  • "The Nature of the Circumstellar Envelopes of MR 119 and P Cygni", David Van Blerkom, Chm.

Guthrie, Paul D. (novelist; Physics PhD)

  • "On White Dwarf Models of Variable Compact X-Ray Sources", Eugene Tademaru, Chm.


Kapitzky, John E. (software consultant)

  • "2.7 GHz Polarization and Flux Density Measurements of Variable Radio Sources", William A. Dent, Chm.

Smartt, Raymond (deceased, astronomer, National Solar Observatory)

  • "Observations of the Near-Infrared Solar Corona and a New Interferometric Test", John Strong, Chm.

Bechis, Kenneth P. (NASA astronaut, Chief Technology Officer, Northrup Grumman)

  • "Microwave Spectral-Line Radiation from Young and Evolved Stellar Objects", G. Richard Huguenin, Chm.


Hulse, Russell A. (Professor, Univ. of Texas Dallas, Nobel Prize in Physics, 1993; Physics PhD)

  • "A High Sensitivity Pulsar Search", Joseph H. Taylor, Jr., Chm.

Walstad, Allan M. (Professor, Univ. of Pittsburgh at Johnstown)

  • "A Local Approach to Cosmology", Edward R. Harrison, Chm.


Heaton, Harold I. (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory)

  • "The Equivalent Width of Blended Molecular Absorption Lines", John Strong, Chm.

Kawata, Yoshijuki (Professor, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Japan)

  • "Models of Saturn's Rings Which Satisfy the Optical and Infrared Observations", William M. Irvine, Chm.


Peterson, Floyd William

  •  "Physical Models of Radio Outbursts in Extragalactic Radio Sources", William Dent, Chm.