Astronomy Alumni & PhD Theses


Butcher, Zhon

Gatches, Brandt (Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Cologne)
Pokhrel, Riwaj (Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toledo)
Lim, Seunghwan (CITA Postdoctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia)

Tang, Yuping (Postdoctoral Fellow, Chinese Academy of Sciences South America Center for Astronomy)


Grasha, Kathryn (Postdoctoral Fellow, ANU Australia)
Gim, Hansung (Postdoctoral Fellow, Arizona State University)
Battisti, Andrew (Postdoctoral Fellow, ANU Australia)
Burchett, Joseph (Tenure Track Faculty, New Mexico State University)
Kirkpatrick, Allison (Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale University)
Cybulski, J. Ryan (postdoctoral Fellow, Tufts University)
Lee, BoMee (Postdoctoral Fellow, IPAC/Caltech)
Roberts, Shawn (US Census Bureau)
Lu, Zhankui (Amazon)
Williams, Christina (postdoctoral fellow, University of Arizona)
Alberts, Stacey (postdoctoral fellow, University of Arizona)
Johnson, Seth (California State Government)
Guo, Yicheng (postdoctoral fellow, UC Santa Cruz)
  • "The Assembly of Galaxies over Cosmic Time", Chair: Mauro Giavalisco
  • Faculty, University of Missouri
Yoon, Ilsang (Staff Scientist, ESO/ALMA)
  • "Baesian Anatomy of Galaxy Structure", Chair: Martin Weinberg
  • Staff Scientist NAASC/ALMA (VA)
Liu, Guilin (postdoctoral fellow, Johns Hopkins Univ.)
  • "Exploring the Scaling Laws of Star Formation", Chair: Daniela Calzetti
  • Faculty, USTC, Hefei, China
Dong, Hui (postdoctoral fellow, NOAO)
  • "Infrared and X-ray studies of the Galactic Center", Chair: Daniel Wang
  • Postdoc, IAA-CSIC, Granada, Spain
Hong, Sungryong (postdoctoral fellow, Univ. of Texas, Austin)
  • "Constraining Stellar Feedback: Ionized Gas Structures in Local Starburst Galaxies", Chair: Daniela Calzetti
  • Researcher, KIAA, Seoul, Korea
Chen, Yuxi (senior analyst, Sapient (m)PHASIZE)
  • "Color-magnitude relation and morphology of ULIRGs from z~0 to z~1", Chair: James Lowenthal
  • Private Sector (IBM)
Song, Limin (fellow, Mayo Clinic)
  • "High-Resolution Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Gas in Galaxy Halos and Large-Scale Structures", Chair: Todd Tripp
  • Private Sector
Borthakur, Sanchayeeta (postdoctoral fellow, Johns Hopkins Univ.)
  • "Multiwavelength Study of the Distribution of Neutral Gas in and Around Galaxies and Groups of Galaxies", Chair: Todd M. Tripp
Lu, Yu (postdoctoral fellow, KIPAC/Stanford)
  • "A Bayesian Approach to the Semi-Analytic Model of Galaxy Formation", Chair: Houjun Mo
Li, Yun (analyst, Standard and Poor's)
  • "Dark matter halos: assembly, clustering and sub-halo accretion", Chair: Houjun Mo
Scott, Kimberly (data scientist, University of Virginia Health System)
  • "Millimeter-galaxy Surveys with the AzTEC Camera", Chair: Grant Wilson
Tang, Shikui (research fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital)
  • "Galactic Bulge Feedback and Its Impact on Galaxy Evolution", Chair: Daniel Wang
Austermann, Jason (NIST)
  • "The AzTEC Millimeter-Wave Camera: Design, Integration, Performance, and the Characterization of the (Sub-)Millimeter Galaxy Population", Chair: Grant Wilson
Logan, Daniel (faculty, QUEST University Canada)
  • "A Frequency Selective Bolometer Camera for Measuring Millimeter Spectral Energy Distributions", Chair: Grant W. Wilson; Members: F. Peter Schloerb, Min S. Yun and Daniel H. Schaubert
Li, Zhiyuan (Professor, Nanjing University, China)
  • "The Role of Stellar Feedback in Galaxy Evolution", Chair: Daniel Wang; Members: Stephen Schneider, Neal Katz, Laura Cadonati
Goeller, Rob (engineer, General Electric)
  • "A Wideband Analog Correlating Spectrometer for Millimeter Astronomy", Chair: Neal Erickson; Members: F. Peter Schloerb, Min Yun, Calvin Swift
Fischer, William (postdoctoral fellow, NASA/GSFC)
  • "The One-Micron region as a Diagnostic of Accretion and Outflow in T Tauri Stars”, Chair: Suzan Edwards and John Kwan; Members: James Kurose, Ronald Snell, Todd Tripp
Choi, Junhwan (postdoctoral fellow, Univ. of Texas)
  • "The Dynamics of Satellite and Dark Matter Halo Interactions on Glaxy Formation and Evolution", Chair: Martin D. Weinberg and Neal S. Katz; Members: Houjun Mo, Jennie H. Traschen
Stojimirovic, Irena (faculty, MiraCosta College)
  • "Multiwavelength Study of Parsec Scale Outflows Associated with Low Mass Young Stellar Objects", Chair: Gopal Narayanan; Members: Ronald L. Snell, Suzan Edwards, Mark C. Hemeon-Heyer, Guy T. Blaylock
Keres, Dusan (Professor, UC San Diego)
  • "Growth of Galaxies in SPH Simulations", Chair: Neal S. Katz; Members: Houjun Mo, Martin D. Weinberg, Guy T. Blaylock
Ji, Li (faculty, Purple Mountain Observatory, China)
  • "A Spectral Code for Non-Equilibrium Plasma and its Applications", Chair: Q. Daniel Wang; Members: John Y. Kwan, Todd M. Tripp, Ross S. Hicks
Ngeow, Chow Choong (Professor, National Central University, Taiwan)
  • "Investigating the Breaking in the Cepheid Period-Luminosity Relation and Its Interpretations", Chair: Shashi Kanbur; Members: John Y. Kwan, Stephen E. Schneider, Robert A. Guyer
Iono, Daisuke (ALMA Project Scientist, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
  • "The Response of Atomic and Molecular Gas to a Disk-Disk Collision", Chair: Min S. Yun; Members: Paul Ho, Neal S. Katz, James Lowenthal
Bouche, Nicolas F. (Astronomer, Inst. of Astrophysics & Planetology, France)
  • "The Clustering of Galaxies around Damped Absorbers", Chair: James D. Lowenthal; Members: Neal S. Katz, Stephen E. Schneider, Guy T. Blaylock
Devries, Christopher (senior developer, Hindsait, Inc.)
  • "Models and Observations of the Millimeter and Submillimeter Molecular Line Emission of Bright-Rimmed Clouds", Chair: Gopal Narayanan; Members: Ronald L. Snell, Mark H. Heyer, William J. Mullin
Nikolaev, Sergei
  • "2MASS View of the LMC: Structure, Populations, Kinematics", Chair: Martin D. Weinberg; Members: Stephen E. Schneider, Michael F. Skrutskie, John P. Buonaccorsi
Adams, Joseph D. (research associate, Cornell University)
  • "Low Mass Stars and the Structure of the Pleiades Cluster", Chair: Michael F. Skrutskie; Members: John Y. Kwan, John R. Stauffer, Martin D. Weinberg, Mark T. Touminen
Muzerolle, James C. (astronomer, Space Telescope Science Institute)
  • "Emission Line Diagnostics of Magnetospheric Accretion in Young Stellar Objects", Chair: Suzan Edwards; Members: Nuria Calvet, Michael F. Skrutskie, Lee W. Hartmann, Edward S. Chang
Rosenberg, Jessica L. (Professor, George Mason University)
  • "Filling the Gap in the Extragalactic Census: A Study at 21 cm and in the Near Infrared", Chair: Stephen E. Schneider; Members: James D. Lowenthal, Michael F. Skrutskie, Stephen E. Strom, Robert A. Guyer
Beristain(-Kendall), Georgina (Adjunct faculty, Alfred University)
  • "Permitted Helium and Iron Emission Lines in Classical T Tauri Stars", Chairs: John Kwan and Suzan Edwards; Members: Eugene Tademaru, Bruce E. Turkington
Millan-gabet, Rafael (scientist, NASA Exoplanet Science Institute; PHYSICS PhD)
  • "Investigation of Herbig Ae/Be Stars in the Near-Infrared with a Long Baseline Interferometer", Chair: Schloerb, F. Peter; Members: Traub, Wesley A., Skrutskie, Michael F., Sakai, Hajime
Brunt, Christopher M. (Lecturer, Univ. of Exeter, UK)
  • "Turbulence in the Interstellar Medium", Chairman: Heyer, M.; Members: Kwan, J., Snell, R.L., Wong, P.
Dickens, James (faculty, Montgomery Bell Academy)
  • "Probing Chemical Evolution in Molecular Clouds with Millimeter-Wave Observations", Chairman: Irvine, William M.; Members: Snell, Ronald, L., Schloerb, F. Peter, Chang, Edward S.
Lovell, Amy (Professor, Agnes Scott College)
  • "Millimeter-Wave Molecular Mapping of Comets Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp", Chairman: Schloerb, F. Peter; Members: Irvine, William M., Skrutskie, M., Dent, William, McGill, George E.
Hiriart, David (senior staff, UNAM, Mexico)
  • "Circumstellar Gas and Dust Emission and Mass Loss from Evolved Stars", Chairman: Kwan, John; Members: Irvine, W.M., Van Blerkom, D., Chang, E.
Allen, Lori E. (scientist, Director of Kitt Peak National Observatory)
  • "Star formation in Lynds 1641", Chairman: Strom, Karen M. ; Members: Kwan, J., Snell, R.L., Strom, S.E., Rabin, M.
Meyer, Michael R. (Professor, ETH, Switzerland)
  • "Stellar Populations in Deeply Embedded Young Clusters: Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Emergent Mass Distributions", Chairman: Strom, Stephen E.; Members: Edwards, S., Skrutskie, M.F., Hartman, L., Chang, E.
Murali, Chigurupati (analyst, A.R.T. Advisors)
  • "The Evolution of Globular Clusters: Analysis of External Effects and Determination of Progenitor Populations", Chairman: Weinberg, Martin D.; Members: Kwan, J., Strom, S.E., Traschen, J.
Spitzak, John G. (Computational astrophysics consultant, US Naval Observatory)
  • "Viewing the 21 CM Sky: A Slice of the Neutral Hydrogen Universe", Chairman: Schneider, Stephen E.; Members: Snell, R.L., Strom, S.E., Traschen, J.H.
Hillenbrand, Lynne A. (Professor, Caltech)
  • "Herbig Ae/Be Stars : An Investigation of Molecular Environments and Associated Stellar Populations", Chairman: Strom, Stephen; Members: Edwards, S., Skrutskie, M.F., Snell, R.L., Byron, F.W., Jr.
Bergin, Edward A. (Professor, Univ. of Michigan)
  • "The Chemical and Physical Structure of Giant Molecular Cloud Cores", Co-Chairman: Snell, Ronald L.; Co-Chm.: Goldsmith, Paul, F.; Members: Langer, William D., Rabin, M.
McGonagle, Douglas (Pastor, Easthampton, MA)
  • "Nitrogen Chemistry in the Interstellar Medium", Chairman: Irvine, William M.; Members: Predmore, R.C., Schloerb, F.P., Heyer, M.H.
Dutkevitich, Diane (Professor, Yavapai College)
  • "The Evolution of Dust in the Terrestrial Planet Region of Circumstellar Disks Around Young Stars", Chairman: Skrutskie, Michael, F.; Members: Strom, S.E., Edwards, S., Walker, J.F.
Buckley, David (Professor of Physics, East Stroudsbury University)
  • "The Masses and Distances of Planetary Nebulae", Chairman: Schneider, Stephen E.; Members: Snell, R.L., Van Blerkom, D.J., Sternheim, M.M.
Carpenter, John M. (Scientist, ALMA Observatory)
  • "Anatomy of the GEM OB1 Molecular Cloud Complex", Chairman: Snell, Ronald L.; Members: Schloerb, F.P., Skrutskie, M.F., Strom, S.E., Sternheim, M.M.
Knezek, Patricia M. (Deputy Director of Astronomical Science Division, NSF)
  • "The Stellar and Gaseous Content of Massive Low Surface Brightness Disk Galaxies", Chairman: Schneider, Stephen E.; Strom, S.E., Young, J.S., Golowich, E.
Ge, Weiguo
  • "Cometary Molecules", Chairman: Schloerb, F. Peter; Members: Irvine, W.M., Snell, R.L., Van Blerkom, D.J., Chang, E.S.
Xie, Shuding
  • "CO Observations in External Galaxies and Gas Mass Determination", Chairwoman: Young, Judith S.; Members: Kwan, J., Schloerb, F.P., Krotkov, R.
Lee, Youngung (scientist, Korea Astronomy Observatory)
  • "Structure and Star Forming Activities of the Cold, Massive, Molecular Cloud G216-2.5", Chairman: Snell, Ronald L.; Members: Dickman, R.L., Schloerb, F.P., Skrutskie, M.F., Krotkov, R.V.
Xie, Taoling (CEO, HierStar Ltd., China)
  • "Shells, Outflows, and Star Formation in the Giant Molecular Cloud Monoceros R2", Chairman: Goldsmith, Paul F.; Members: Snell, R.L., Dickman, R.L., Chang, E.S.
Jarrett, Thomas H. (astronomer, Univ. of Cape Town)
  • "An Optical Study of the Faint End of the Stellar Luminosity Function", Chairman: Dickman, Robert L.; Member: Herbst, William, Skrutskie, Michael., Chang, Edward
Welty, Alan (scientist, Space Telescope Science Institute)
  • "A Spectroscopic Study of Three FU Orionis Objects: Accretion Disks and Wind Signatures", Stephen E. Strom, Chm.; Members: Edwards, Suzan, Snell, Ronald L., Van Blerkom, David, Krotkov, Robert V.
Madden, Suzanne C. (scientist, CEA Saclay, France)
  • "A Multi-Transition Study of the Cyclic Molecule Cyclopropenylidene (C3H2) in the Galaxy", Chairman: William M. Irvine; Members: Kwan, J., Schloerb, F.P., Snell, R.L., Avery, L.W., Guyer, R.A.
Minh, Young Chol (scientist, Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute, President of Korean Astronomical Society)
  • "Radio Observations of Several Interstellar Molecules", Chairman; William M. Irvine; Members: Dickman, R.L., Goldsmith, P.F., Krotkov, R.V.
Morgan, James A. (software engineer, Novii Design)
  • "Molecular Outflows in the L1641 Region of Orion", Chairman: F. Peter Schloerb; Members: Snell, R.L, Kwan, J., Strom, S.E., Harold, M.P.
Olson, Kevin (Research Professor, Drexel University)
  • "Gas Dynamics in Interacting and Merging Galaxies", Chairman: John Y. Kwan; Members: Kleinmann, S.G., Young, J.S., Dickman, R.L., Chang, E.S.
Salas-Casales, Luis (Scientist, Institute of Astronomy, UNAM, Mexico)
  • "High Spatial Resolution Observations Of Circumstellar Disks", Chairman: Stephen E. Strom; Members: Edwards, S., Schloerb, F.P., Arny, T.T., Chang, E.S.
Tauber, Jan A. (scientist, ESA/ESTeC, Netherlands, Project Scientist for PLANCK)
  • "CO Line Emission from Clumpy Molecular Clouds: The Case of Orion", Chairman: Paul F. Goldsmith; Members: Snell, R.L., Kwan, J., Erickson, N.R., Krotkov, R.V.
Waller, William H. (faculty, Rockport High School, MA)
  • "Recent Starbirth and Starburst Activity in Nearby Galaxies", Chairman: Stephen E. Strom; Members: Young, J.S., Kwan, J., Kleinmann, S.G., Scoville, N., Mallary, R.W.
Alonso, Jose L. (staff, Arecibo Observatory)
  • "Formation of Hydrogen Line and Continuum Emission in Young Stellar Objects", Chairman: John Y. Kwan; Members: Kleinmann, S.G., Van Blerkom, D.J., Arny, T.T., Krotkov, R.V.
Kinzel, Wayne M. (astronomer, Space Telescope Science Institute)
  • "Radio Outbursts in Extragalactic Sources", Chairman: William A. Dent; Members: W.A., Tademaru, E., Dickman, R.L., Balonek, T.J., Walker, J.F.
Taylor, David K. (astronomer, Space Telescope Science Institute)
  • "Carbon Monoxide Isotopes and Clumping in Giant Molecular Clouds", Chairman: Robert L. Dickman; Members: Dickman, R.L., Snell, R.L., Van Blerkom, D.J., Krotkov, R.V.
Lis, Dariusz C. (scientist, Caltech)
  • "The Sagittarius B2 Molecular Cloud an Extreme Case of a Galactic Center Giant Molecular Cloud", Chairman: Paul F. Goldsmith
Tacconi-Garman, Lowell E. (astronomer, European Southern Observatory, Germany)
  • "Kinematic Models of Cometary Comae", Chairman: F. Peter Schloerb
Smith, Beverly J. (faculty, East Tennessee State University)
  • "Optical Imaging of IRAS Galaxies: The Evolution of Infrared-Bright Galaxies", Kleinmann, Susan, Chw.
Tacconi-Garman, Linda J. (scientist, Max Planck Institute, Germany)
  • "The Distribution of the Interstellar Medium in the SCD Galaxy NGC 6946 and in a Sample of Dwarf Irregular Galaxies", Judith S. Young, Chw.
Moriarty-Schieven, Gerald H. (astronomer, National Research Council of Canada)
  • "High Resolution Observations of the L1551, B335 and L723 Bipolar Molecular Outflows Using Maximum Entropy Image Reconstruction", Ronald L. Snell, Chm.
Lord, Steven D. (astronomer, IPAC/Caltech)
  • "The Role of Molecular Clouds in the Star Formation Process as Observed in Two Grand Design Spiral Galaxies", Stephen E. Strom, Chm.
Swade, Daryl A. (astronomer, Space Telescope Science Institute)
  • "The Physics and Chemistry of Dark Molecular Clouds: A Detailed Study of L134N", F. Peter Schloerb, Chm.
Kenney, Jeffrey D. (Professor, Yale University)
  • "Molecular Gas in Virgo Cluster Spiral Galaxies", Judith S. Young, Chw.
McIntosh, Gordon C. (Professor, University of Minnosota Morris; Physics PhD)
  • "Polarization Properties of SiO Masers", Read Predmore, Chm.
Hemeon-Heyer, Mark H. (Research Professor, Univ. of Massachusetts)
  • "The Interaction Between Molecular Clouds and Young Stellar Objects", Snell, Ronald L., Chm.
Argon, Alice L. (staff, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory)
  • "The Acceleration and Dissolution of Stars Moving Through the Blackbody Radiation of A Collapsing Unvierse", Edward R. Harrison, Chm.
Clemens, Dan P. (Professor, Boston University; Physics PhD)
  • "The Massachusetts Stony-Brook Galactic Plane CO Survey: Observations, Galactic Structure, and Cloud Identification", Nicholas Z. Scoville, Chm.
Kleiner, Steven C. (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
  • "Correlation Analysis of the Molecular Cloud Complex", Robert L. Dickman, Chm.
Arquilla, Richard (Northrop Grumman)
  • "The Structure and Angular Momentum Content of Dark Clouds", Paul F. Goldsmith, Chm.
O'Dea, Christopher P. (Professor, University of Manitoba)
  • "Morphology and Energetics at Narrow Angle Tail Radio Sources", William A. Dent, Chm.
Clifford, Stephen M.
  • "A Model for the Climatic Behavior of Water on Mars", Robert L. Huguenin, Chm.
Hartke, Gregory J. (engineer, Northrop Grumman)
  • "Transport Properties of the Outer Crust of Magnetic Neutron Stars", George Greenstein, Chm.
Barvainis, Richard E. (program manager, National Science Foundation)
  • "Linear Polarization and Total Flux Density of Silicon Monoxide Masers and Active Extragalactic Objects at Millimeter Wavelengths", William A. Dent, Chm.
Carroll, Timothy J. (deceased)
  • "The Kinematics of the Emission Line Gas in Quasars and Active Galactic Nuclei", John Y. Kwan, Chm.
Good, John (astronomer, IPAC/Caltech)
  • "MM Wavelength Measurements of CO in the Atmosphere of Mars and SO 2 in the Atmopshere of Venus", F. Peter Schloerb, Chm.
Damashek, Marc (scientist, NSA)
  • "A Search for Radio Pulsars in the Northern Sky: Discovery of a Pulsar in a Unique Binary System", Joseph H. Taylor, Chm.
Robinson, Steven E. (staff scientist, MIT Lincoln Laboratory)
  • "The Excitation of SiO in Circumstellar Envelopes", David Van Blerkom, Chm.
Balonek, Thomas J. (Professor, Colgate University)
  • "Multi-Frequency Radio Observations of Compact Extragalactic Sources: Time Variability and Correlation with Optical Variations", William A. Dent, Chm.
Lane, Adair P. (retired, astronomer, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory)
  • "Observations of SIO Masers in the Circumstellar Envelopes of Late Type Stars", Joseph H. Taylor, Chm.
Thompson, William T. (scientist, NASA/GSFC)
  • "The "Swarm" Model for the Azimuthal Brightness Variations in Saturn's Ring A", David J. Van Blerkom, Chm.
Backus, Peter R. (astronomer, SETI Institute)
  • "A Study of Pulsar Evolution Through Timing and Single Pulse Observation", Joseph H. Taylor, Chm.
Bally, John (Professor, Univ. of Colorado)
  • "The Interaction of HII Regions with Molecular Clouds", Nicholas Z. Scoville, Chm.
Hansen II, Stanley S.
  • "Very Long Baseline Interferometry Observation of the Masers Towards Orion A", G. Richard Huguenin, Chm.
Sloan, John S.
  • "Surface Photometry of the Coma Cluster of Galaxies", Tom Dennis, Chm.
Lockman, Felix J. (scientist, NRAO)
  • "On the Structure of HII Regions and Their Distribution in the Galaxy", G. Richard Huguenin, Chm.
Fowler, Lee A. (deceased)
  • "A Study of the Pulsar in A Binary System", Joseph H. Taylor, Chm.
Harding, Alice K. (scientist, NASA Goddard)
  • "Propagation in Pulsar Magnetospheres: Effects of A Shearing Plasma", Eugene Tademaru, Chm.
Esposito, Larry W. (Professor, Univ. of Colorado)
  • "Light Scattering from Saturn's Rings Calculated by a Markov Chain Formalism", William M. Irvine, Chm.
Cardiasmenos, Apostle G. (deceased, President, ESSCO/L-3 Communications)
  • "Prototype Maser Amplifiers for Three Millimeter Wavelength", K. Sigfrid Yngvesson, Chm.
Helfand, David (Professor, Columbia University)
  • "The Secular Behavior of Pulsar Integrated Properties", Joseph H. Taylor, Chm.
Harding, David S. (Physics PhD)
  • "Neutron Star Crust-Neutron Superfluid Frictional Forces", George Greenstein, Chm.
Oegerle, William R. (Director, NASA Astrophysics Science Division)
  • "The Nature of the Circumstellar Envelopes of MR 119 and P Cygni", David Van Blerkom, Chm.
Guthrie, Paul D. (novelist; Physics PhD)
  • "On White Dwarf Models of Variable Compact X-Ray Sources", Eugene Tademaru, Chm.
Kapitzky, John E. (software consultant)
  • "2.7 GHz Polarization and Flux Density Measurements of Variable Radio Sources", William A. Dent, Chm.
Smartt, Raymond (deceased, astronomer, National Solar Observatory)
  • "Observations of the Near-Infrared Solar Corona and a New Interferometric Test", John Strong, Chm.
Bechis, Kenneth P. (NASA astronaut, Chief Technology Officer, Northrup Grumman)
  • "Microwave Spectral-Line Radiation from Young and Evolved Stellar Objects", G. Richard Huguenin, Chm.
Hulse, Russell A. (Professor, Univ. of Texas Dallas, Nobel Prize in Physics, 1993; Physics PhD)
  • "A High Sensitivity Pulsar Search", Joseph H. Taylor, Jr., Chm.
Walstad, Allan M. (Professor, Univ. of Pittsburgh at Johnstown)
  • "A Local Approach to Cosmology", Edward R. Harrison, Chm.
Heaton, Harold I. (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory)
  • "The Equivalent Width of Blended Molecular Absorption Lines", John Strong, Chm.
Kawata, Yoshijuki (Professor, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Japan)
  • "Models of Saturn's Rings Which Satisfy the Optical and Infrared Observations", William M. Irvine, Chm.
Peterson, Floyd William
  • "Physical Models of Radio Outbursts in Extragalactic Radio Sources", William Dent, Chm.