Graduate Awards & Scholarships

The Five College Astronomy Graduate Research Fellowship

This fellowship is established through a gift from the Irvine Family to the Five College Astronomy Department in memory of Mary Dailey Irvine to encourage and reward excellence in an initial research project undertaken by a student in the Graduate Program prior to admission to Ph.D. candidacy. The fellowship award will consist of support for travel to a scientific meeting to present the results of the research project. It is expected that the final work would be published and would acknowledge the Mary Dailey Irvine Fund.


  • 2006 Shikui Tang, "Simulations Galactic Bulge Winds"

  • 2005 Yu Lu, "The Origin of Cold Dark Matter Halo Density Profiles"

  • 2004 Zhiyuan Li, "Gone with the galactic wind: observation and theory "

  • 2003 William Fischer, "Near-IR Echelle Spectroscopy of T Tauri Stars: He I 10830 and Paschen Gamma as Wind and Accretion Diagnostics"

  • 2002 Dusan Keres, "CO Luminosity Functions For FIR and B-band Selected Galaxies"

  • 2002 Li Ji, "Four Point X-ray Sourses in NGC4631"

  • 2001 Juan-Hwan Choi, "The Growth of Galaxies in Cosmological Simulation"

  • 2000 Nicolas Bouche

Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium

The University of Massachusetts Amherst is a member of the Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium, funded through NASA. Astronomy students who are US citizens have regularly received fellowships for summer research through this program. See the Consortium's website for more information.

Northeast Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (NEAGEP)

The NEAGEP is a NSF-funded alliance of 10 research-extensive universities led by the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The Alliance Institutions have formal collaborations with six minority-serving Partner Institutions (Bennett College, Jackson State University, Lincoln University, Medgar Evers College, Trinity College and the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez) and informal collaboration with 22 other such institutions. The goal is to increase the number of underrepresented minorities obtaining Ph.D. degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines and the number going on to postdoctoral and faculty positions. Full scholarships for the first and last years of graduate study are available to eligible minority students. For more about the NEAGEP, visit the NEAGEP web site.

Judith S. Young Memorial Fellowship

Judith S. Young was a pioneer in radio astronomy and professor at UMass Amherst. This award for exceptional women applicants to our department serves to honor her legacy as a scientist and pillar of the community. Among her many accomplishments are pioneering observations of extragalactic molecular gas and construction of the UMass Sunwheel observatory. In the inaugural year, the recipient of the Young Fellowship will receive the following:

  • Travel funds to attend a scientific conference
  • Stipend for purchase of laptop or other research-related expenses
  • Exemption from TA duties in the first semester