Undergraduate Advising



Undergraduate Advisors


Prof. Min Yun.: Academic Advising Chair, F2019) (and Advisor for most transfer students)

Prof. Ron Snell: Academic Advisor for transfer students; Spring 2020 Interim Academic Advising Chair

Prof. Martin Weinberg.: Academic Advisor for the Class of 2019

Prof. Mauro Givalisco.: Academic Advisor for the Class of 2020

Prof. Alex Pope: Academic Advisor for the Class of 2021

Prof. Steve Schneider: Academic Advisor to Class 2022

Prof. Daniel Wang.: Academic Advisor 1 for the Class of 2023

Prof. Neil Katz: Academic Advisor 2 for the Class of 2023

How do I become an astronomy major or minor?


To become an astronomy major (or to add astronomy as your second major), you should first make an appointment with Chief Academic Advisor Prof. Min Yun. Prior to your first advising meeting, you should review the different tracks the department offers and their requirements in advance and pick up a blank "Change of major, track, honors, and/or degree" form, either at the Registrar's Office or in the Astronomy Department office (LGRT 619). . During your first advising meeting with Prof. Yun, you will fill out the form and submit it to the Regstrar's Office. You can change major or add a program, including astronomy minor, any time during the semester. You can learn a great deal more about our program by reading the Astronomy Majors Handbook.


Who is my academic dean?


If you have any academic issues outside the department requirements (e.g., academic probation, overload petition), you should see your College academic dean. You should contact the College Academic Advising office and make an appointment with them. These are also the nice people who will be able to answer questions about your college requirements and Gen Ed requirements.


Where should I go to to discuss my GenEd and College requirements?


Your department advisor can share with you some general ideas, but you should really discuss topics on GenEd and College requirements with your the advisors in the College Academic Advising office. Note that the Undergraduate Advising (UA) in 613 Goodell is primarily for those who have not decided on a major yet, and they will not providing any advising for you.



Frequently Asked Questions

For further information, please contact Professor Min Yun