10/19/2020 Flash Talks on Current Papers Part 1

LGRT 1033 Lecture Area
4pm Zoom Meeting

5 student talks of 10 minutes each

Sarah Betti
"Single magnetic white dwarfs with Balmer emission lines: A small class with consistent physical characteristics as possible signposts for close-in planetary companions"
Gänsicke 2020
Shuiyao Huang
"Evidence of runaway gas cooling in the absence of supermassive black hole feedback at the epoch of cluster formation
Patrick Kamieneski
"Searching for Gravitational Waves with Strongly Lensed Repeating Fast Radio Bursts.” 
Pearson et al. 2020
Michael McCrackan
"Associations of dwarf galaxies in a ΛCDM Universe”
Yaryura et al. 2020.
Each student will give a 10-12 minute talk followed by 3-5 minutes for questions. We will use a google doc to collect questions and the host will read the questions after each talk.