11/13 (Wed): 2nd Year Project: Sarah Betti

LGRT 1033

Wednesday 11/13 is on a Monday schedule
Open to all

Title: The Role of Environment in Core Evolution: Predictions for the TolTEC Clouds to Cores Legacy Survey

Abstract: Using magnetohydrodynamical simulations of star forming gas with stellar feedback and sink particles (proxies for young stellar objects (YSOs)), we present predictions of synthetic 1.1 mm continuum observations at differing distances (150 - 1000 pc) and ages (0.49 - 1.27 Myr). We characterize how core properties, including mass and size, change with distance, cloud evolution, and the presence of YSOs. We find a clear separation between the size of cores with and without YSOs suggesting evolutionary difference in cores that host YSOs but find little to no temperature dependence on core properties. This separation increases by ∼ 16% with increasing age as cores with YSOs decrease in mass and size. We also find that the atmospheric filtering and core segmentation treatments have distance dependent impacts on the resulting core properties for D < 300 pc and characterize these in detail. These predictions and systematic characterizations will help guide analysis of cores for the upcoming TolTEC Clouds to Cores Legacy Survey on the LMT.