9/13/21: Sandra Bustamante, Sophia Flury, Zhiyuan Ji

LGRT 1033 Lecture Area

The speakers will be reviewing papers that are directly connected to their own research projects, and will comment about how the selected papers are relevant to their graduate work.

1. Sandra Bustamante: “Black hole parameter estimation with synthetic very long baseline interferometry data from the ground and from space” (Roelofs et al. 2021)

2. Sophia Flury: “No strong dependence of Lyman continuum leakage on physical properties of star-forming galaxies at 3.1 < z < 3.5” (Saxena et al. 2021)

3. Zhiyuan Ji: “Rotation Curves in z~1-2 Star-Forming Disks: Evidence for Cored Dark Matter Distributions” (Genzel et al. 2020)