9/14/2020 1st Year Presentations: Sophia Flury

4pm Zoom Meeting

Sophia Flury

TITLE: The Low-Redshift Lyman Continuum Survey I. First Insights into LyC Diagnostics


The origin of cosmic reionization remains unknown. Because we cannot detect ionizing photons from reionization-era galaxies, we must turn to indirect diagnostics calibrated at low redshift to provide a foundation for future high redshift observations. We present the Low-Redshift Lyman Continuum Survey (LzLCS), which aims to establish these indirect diagnostics while providing insight into the conditions which facilitate the escape of ionizing or “Lyman continuum (LyC)” radiation. While line-of-sight orientation effects produce substantial scatter in all proposed diagnostics, we find compelling evidence for several key relationships. Properties such as star formation rate surface density and Lyα escape are not only useful diagnostics but also offer insight into the nature of the leaking Lyman continuum. LyC emission appears most consistent with an optically-thick ISM, suggesting a porous, orientation-dependent escape scenario. We find LyC leakers are most commonly compact, low-mass galaxies with highly concentrated star formation.