Millimeter Wave Instrumentation Lab

The Millimeter Wave Instrumentation Lab specializes in the area of low noise millimeter and submillimeter wave receiver systems for ground based, airborne and space borne astronomy. The primary role is to support the 50mLMT/GTM in Mexico. Receiver work for the LMT is devoted to focal plane array receivers for the 3mm band, a Redshift Search Receiver (RSR) for the 3mm band, and ongoing work for a 1 mm wavelength SIS based single pixel receiver. We also are working on a novel phased focal-plane array receiver system for the 3mm band.


Current Projects


Past work in the FCRAO receiver lab

  • Broadband Millimeter Wave Power Generation Using Integrated Circuits
  • MIRO;(Microwave Instrument for the Rosetta Orbiter) 280 GHz planar doubler for the local oscillator
  • Sensitive and accurate power measurements for the submillimeter range.
  • SEQUOIA (SEcond QUabbin Observatory Imaging Array)
  • HIFI local oscillator system for the Herschel Space Observatory
  • QUARRY (QUabbin ARRaY): a 15 pixel Schottky mixer array receiver for the 3mm band. The first fully integrated mm-wave array receiver.
  • SWAS(Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite): A complete 490 and 550 GHz observatory in space, developed in part using technology pioneered at the FCRAO. UMass astronomers are now using this satellite in routine observations.
  • Developmental work in frequency multipliers for the submillimeter range since 1980. Recently an LO system for 807 GHz was sent to the AST/RO observatory at the South Pole.


Research Faculty

Research Staff